Whats wrong with 'Mothers Day"?

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What’s wrong with Mothers Day?
To be called, chosen or to choose become a mother, is, in my humble opinion, one of the most noble choices any woman could make. Life changing beyond measure, would be an understatement!
Now, being a man, I am writing out of my league, as I have no clue what it actually feels like to conceive, carry and deliver one of these little treasures. But, with all due respect, I have been an active, supportive accomplice from the first date to the to the culmination having adult offspring.
Mothers are one thing, diverse as we all might be, we have in common.  Some, like myself, have sadly lost theirs. The rest of you either have, had or are or will become a mother.
So, as an accomplice and observer, I feel Motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice, right up with Veterans who gave all. Mothers do give all, without a doubt. 
A mother lays her body down and grows out of her girlish figure, stretching her poor little body in all kinds of strange directions, sometimes getting ill in the process to carry this awkward, sometimes, spectacular burden in her tiny tummy. And so it begins. The Miracle of life being wonderfully knit inside a safe, wonderful, and perfect womb. 
Yes, miracles do happen, every day!  We just write them off as the science of biology. Science is merely an observation of man and no more. From a couple of random cells, a human being is created. A miracle indeed!
The days go by, the discomfort grows and soon, Mom to be, will be marking the days off somewhere on a calendar, like an inmate waiting for freedom But the day does finally arrive. 
Filled with anticipation, wonder and a twinge of fear, it’s off to the maternity section of the hospital. The contractions begin, the pain that no man could endure, sometimes short and sweet and other times must feel like eternity until your precious gift from God arrives. 
All kinds of Drs. and nurses tend to you, giving you all kinds of information that you’re certain you’ll never remember only to send you home back into your world with a car seat, diapers, lotions, suction cups. nursing pads, baby powder and ointment. Everything you could ever imagine. Then you arrive home, frantically searching through your luggage and the new diaper bag only to discover the one thing that they forgot and you’ll need the most…. The instruction manual!
Oh  poor but blessed, woman, your journey has just begun! The crying begins as you grow to become a pediatrician, able to determine the reason for crying is either, hungry, wet or gas. To the counselor and comforter, drying tears and rocking them off to peaceful slumber. Exhaustion sets in, but there is always more to do. Unlike a job, you can’t simply punch out and go home to happy hour. First steps, first words, first day of school. Ah, those wonderful milestones we all celebrate. Every day, you nurture and teach your child to do right, play fair and make you proud. 
They grow faster than we realize. Though it, at times, seems like eternity, it’s only a season. A very short season as they grow and are gone to continue the circle of life. But no worries, motherhood never ends. No matter how hold that treasure becomes or how far away they move, you will always be, Mom, or Mommy or Mother.
So then, What’s wrong with Mothers Day? Once a year, the family buys you a plant or maybe takes you out to dinner. What’s that??? 
The Commandment handed to Moses was written in stone . It read "Honor your Mother (and Father)". It said nothing about the second Sunday in May! It meant Continuously! In Proverbs 31;31, we read “Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gates.”
 So, husbands, sons and daughters take heed and Honor your Mother! Show her all day, everyday, how much she means to you!
In our house, every day is Mothers Day and Valentines Day as well.
So, Happy Mothers Day to ALL you Mommies out there! Enjoy and most of all...Keep Shooting!

Mare and FoalMom an Me! A Mare and Foal.Mom are always mentoring and nurturing


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