I have been a  Professional Photographer for over twenty five years. I started out in free lance photojournalism, shooting spot news by listening to a scanner and chasing stories. Life at it’s best and worst, for some. I have also photographed and written features for several publications on a part time basis while working other careers. 
    My life experience includes a wide range of vocations. I have shod horses, logged and tilled land with horses, auto and motorcycle mechanic, worked in homeless shelters and finally retired as a corrections officer in New Mexico in 2011. I also have over forty years experience of working with all sorts of animals such as dogs and rodeo broncos, draft, saddle and driving horses. 

   My interests are diverse as well, mostly active and outdoors. I enjoy hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing and tooling around on a forty year old Harley that I have owned for twenty four years. 
    In New Mexico, I started capturing rodeo images from inside the arena. I loved the action and the challenge of capturing outstanding images in two to eight seconds. I had to learn to travel light, be fast and accurate and avoid being kicked or trampled. When the action slowed down, I enjoyed shooting candid images  of the spectators or competitors preparing for their ride. I found children and pets offered some wonderful opportunities as well.
    I returned to my native state of Connecticut and married my wonderful bride in 2014. We reside in Terryville and plan on establishing a client base creating outstanding images of Horses, Children, and Pets in natural settings, doing what they do at work, play and portraits, within a fifty mile radius of our new digs.
    We live in a fast-paced world that is in constant motion. Life is a collection of moments that are gone in an instant, never to return. Just like money, you can only spend time once. The world is also comprised of awesome creation filled with the splendor of our Creator yet our busy lives don‘t afford us the time to stop, look and appreciate it all. 
    Our children are growing and changing constantly. Our beloved pets are with us but a few short years and they’re gone.
    Photography is my passion because of the ability to freeze a millisecond and give us that time to slow down to really look and appreciate a moment that can be cherished and savored for years to come.
    In short, all life should be a celebration. Let me help you celebrate and preserve your moments to pass on to future generations. My portfolio is diverse, including many topics and  subjects. I am certain I can meet your needs!  

Go ahead Make my day and create your legacy!